Project Linework

A library of handcrafted vector linework for cartography, each designed in a unique aesthetic style. They are meant to break us away from default line paths that we so often rely on by providing more visually-interesting alternatives.

Linework sets are available in the following formats: Shapefile, GeoJSON, and Adobe Illustrator (PDF & Inkscape compatible)

Project Linework is released to the public domain. Please credit the author and the project wherever possible.

Say hello! Contact Daniel Huffman at

How runs

Project Linework’s new homes comes with a few updates but aims to keep things simple. All of your linework sets currently include downloads in four file types: Shapefile, Geojson, Topojson, and Adobe Illustrator. These have been hand-crafted for your use in any way you please.

The download packages are hosted by the GISCollective and the website is running completely on Github pages with jekyll. The most up-to-date linework sets can also be found on Github, but we urge you to download from the links on the website for fully-functioning data sets.