Project Linework

A library of handcrafted vector linework for cartography, each designed in a unique aesthetic style. They are meant to break us away from default line paths that we so often rely on by providing more visually-interesting alternatives.

Linework sets are available in the following formats: Shapefile, GeoJSON, and Adobe Illustrator (PDF & Inkscape compatible)

Project Linework is released to the public domain. Please credit the author and the project wherever possible.

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Two New Sets!

We’re excited to announce two new linework sets today: Moriarty Hand, by Dylan Moriarty, and Weekend Update, by Jonah Adkins!

Both are hand-drawn, and provide a quick and easy way to infuse your digital map with the humanity of manual linework. Moriarty Hand is also our second linework set with complete global coverage, and our first hand-drawn one to reach this milestone. From Indonesia to Central America, it’s got you covered.